While we'll likely never see Spider-Man fighting side by side on the big screen with the Avengers, you can see all your favorite heroes teaming up in a different arena with Marvel Universe LIVE!, a new traveling production set to hit the road this summer. And now you can go behind the scenes with this new featurette on the upcoming production, which unites all your favorite Marvel heroes and villains for one spectacular show. 

The video debuted over at Mashable, and features an interview with director Shanda Sawyer, who is helming the production for Feld Entertainment. Cast rehearsals have recently gotten underway for the show in Florida, though development has been well under way for over a year. Sawyer promises to deliver some serious entertainment with the show, explaining, "We did about six months of casting, and we’ve got acrobats, gymnasts, aerialists, motorcycle stunt people, martial artists, Parkour experts -- and we really looked for people with the highest degree of skill."

Production worked closely with Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, who is also briefly interviewed in the featurette, which highlights fight choreography and stunt practice, as well as some pyrotechnics. Sawyer also shows off a cool power source gadget created by Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Tony Stark (Iron Man), which fans can purchase at the show to make the experience more interactive. Also glimpsed in the video are displays featuring characters like Thor, Captain Marvel, the Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Octopus and, yes, our precious Loki.

The show itself will run 90 minutes long and tour North America for three years before going international, with the first shows premiering in July.

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