It is hot this weekend, so in case you forgot over the winter it's important to stay hydrated.

Thousands of kids and parents descended upon The Gorge over the weekend, which of course is in the middle of the desert with no shade.

Despite bringing along a cooler full of bottled water and refillable water bottles for inside the venue, long lines at watering stations and mainstage positioning efforts led to many feeling the effects of the heat.

Some were passing out.

For others that made it through the day, once they got home fatigue and headaches were the symptoms to be watching for.

When the body is dehydrated you begin to have dry mouth and feeling thirsty, but that's usually followed by headaches and low urine output.

Walking out of the Sasquatch festival, several attendees waiting in line to walk out were commenting on not having to use the portable restrooms all day.

That's a sure sign your body is in danger of severe dehydration.

According to Web MD, a person suffering from dehydration can become cranky, tired, or dizzy. Considering that's how many people feel walking out of a festival after a long day, it's a good idea to be proactive and stay hydrated when planning a weekend of fun in the summer heat.

If you should find yourself suffering from these symptoms, start drinking water immediately. If it is the day after your outdoor activities and the symptoms of fatigue and headaches are severe you should try Gatorade as well. If symptoms do not improve, seek immediate medical care.

Shock occurs when the body doesn't have enough water to provide basic body functions and can lead to otherwise healthy people to have strokes.

It's nothing to take lightly here in eastern Washington.

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