The summer of 2017 is hands-down the best summer for concerts in years.

The sheer number of big, iconic rock acts is amazing.

Metallica are the kings of metal, rock, radio and arenas, which they proved once again in a sold-out CenturyLink Field on Wednesday night.

In case you missed it, you can pre-order the CD and DVD from the Seattle tour date directly from Metallica.

The set list from the show featured a heavy dose from the new album, given that it's the best Metallica since the Black Album it's understandable. Together with a sprinkling of old school and fireworks, the mix worked well. For Whom The Bell Tolls sounded powerful and their newest number one hit Now That We're Dead sounded like it was every bit a part of the old Metallica that fans grew up with.

In sheer power and sound, the Metallica show vibrated your clothes but wasn't so loud it was a mush. the only drawback was that the opening acts Gojira and Avenged Sevenfold did not get the same treatment.

They were muffled and muted by comparison. In fact, it was insulting. I had heard similar reports from fans of Volbeat that sat high in the stadium in Denver, complaining they couldn't even sing along because you couldn't hear the vocals.

I noticed the same problem last year during the Guns N' Roses show at CenturyLink -- Alice In Chains played at 1/3 the volume of the main act.

Why fill a stadium and them make the opening bands play with shit sound?

What's the point of being the band that gets to be on the big stage with small sound?

Aside from that disappointing observation, Metallica did bring the swagger that only the Kings Of Rock can.


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