Monday marks the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl harbor veterans organizations in Yakima are reaching out hoping to help more people who've served in the military. Dave Brown is Coordinator of the Yakima County Veterans Program who says if you served and you aren't taking advantage of the benefits you deserve talk to him. Brown says he doesn't know why some veterans don't take advantage of the benefits they earned but he says some just get busy and go on with life after they serve. If you'd like some help contact Dave Brown at 574 1528.

The attack killed 24-hundred people and wounded another 12-hundred, while destroying eight of the battleships and a bunch of the cruisers in the pacific fleet.
as for pearl harbor, the oil is still bubbling out of the hull of the USS Arizona. more than one million people still visit the memorial each year. Or at least they used to do that before COVID-19.


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