A motorcycle in the mosh pit? That's certainly one way to get the crowd revved up.

As many music fans gleefully return to concerts after a 2020 largely spent without live music, few are doing it with the daring (and potentially dangerous) spirit of the helmet-wearing driver who seemingly glided his motorcycle right into the audience at a recent outdoor punk show.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The incident was captured last week during the Aug. 21 performance of New York City hardcore band The Fight at a block party-style gig in Queens. Sunny Singh, the videographer behind the punk show archive hate5six, filmed the band's set, which is now available to view on hate5six's Patreon page. He subsequently shared a quick clip from the motorcycle moment on Instagram.

"'Babe let's go see the show in Queens,'" Singh satirized of the episode on Twitter, using a quippy setup popular on social media, before ending with the punchline, "**the show in Queens**."

Shortly after capturing the spectacle, the videographer tweeted, "Shout out to the guy who drove a motorcycle into the pit for The Fight. Nearing my final form as a full-blown meme account," a reference to other recent viral clips from hate5six such as one that shows a mosh pit straddler getting his beer slammed into his face.

No one appears to have been injured in the motorcycle mosh pit incident. In the clip, the bike's seen cruising at slow speed amid the crowd, and moshers seem to revel in the arrival of the vehicle.

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