Most people keep the same vehicle for 6-7 years but there are a few makes/models that owners hang on to for 15+ years. What are the Top 5 most kept cars in Yakima? We have the answers! Well, we don't but the fine folks at did the heavy lifting.

Is your car/truck/SUV on the list?

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons

In 32 years, I have owned exactly 5 cars which breaks down to 6.4 years per vehicle. Pretty much the average but my current car, a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero, is jacking that average up and I have no intention of ditching it any time soon. Sure, its got a few dings and bruises but I decided to stick a couple grand into tuning it back up and hope to squeeze another 50k miles out of it. Right now, the odometer reads approximately 218,000. My wife has the "new" car. A 2007 Chevy Cobalt (which, by the way, is up for sale!)

You see, when it comes to cars, I absolutely HATE -- with the fire of a thousand suns -- having a monthly car payment. I haven't had one in probably six or seven and do not want another if I can at all help it. Cars, to me, are no longer a status symbol but, rather, a means of getting from point A to point B. I need something reliable and functional. That's it.

I'm always a bit shocked to see the volume of shiny newer cars on the road but there are some that folks are less likely to trade-in or sell every few years than others. In Yakima, these are the "Top 5 Cars Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick Owners Keep for 15 Years or More".

Here are the Top 10 nationwide:

What about you? How long do you typically keep the same vehicle? what's the longest that you ever owned/drove the same car? Let us know and send a message via our free mobile app!

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