I love my job.

I just decided to take a minute to kind of take stock after my first 30 days as brand manager at 94.5 KATS-FM. I am the new guy after all, and it is always weird starting at a new place, even though I considered Todd Lyons and Kelly West friends long before I got here. Our kids went to football camp together. Yakima is a small town with great people and in my experience as a newcomer, if you reach out your hand in friendship most here take it gladly. Todd and Kelly both did that when I first got to Yakima a few years ago.

Now I feel like we're finally where we were meant to be -- working together on KATS.

I love coming into the studio every morning to give Todd a hard time about chewing so much tobacco. The guy is funny as hell and so well informed on many issues, which I gotta say if you guys could hear half the crap we say off the air -- WHOA!

Todd spent half the morning on Thursday and Friday trying to revive our slowly dying studio computer. That meant being down on his knees under the counter.

Houston, we have a problem.
Houston, we have a problem.

He got it back up half a dozen times, I think.

Kelly West is just as passionate. You all have her to thank for all the cool stuff we give away. Whether coordinating with Cody Luft at Chrome Dome Adventures or the folks at Wineries Express and Aladin Limo to get your luxury transportation to go with your concert tickets. Kelly is the one who puts all those things together. It takes a lot of tireless hours, but let's face it, Kelly is NEVER short on energy.

Being new myself, there were many technical things that take security and time to set up on my laptop, which I ultimately need to do my job. Until those things were set up, I really relied on her to keep the boat on course.

It's amazing being a part of the KATS team. The fact that we get to have so much fun with the crazy Summer Concert Series we have put together to give away all spring AND summer is just icing on the cake. This year is truly going to be EPIC.

Coming up this week we have Journey to Journey. Then KATS gets CRAZY as we amp up toward the show on MARCH 15. But listen this week for another HUGE flyaway announcement was well.

Join the KATHOUSE to get the VIP Newsletter and details as they become available. For example, say you might want to fly down for ROCKLAHOMA.... Stay tuned for those details this week!

That's just the tip of the impending iceberg of rock and fun. Silverwood. Bike Nights. Guns 'N Roses. Metallica and the party limo. And so much more.

I look forward to waking up with you for years to come and rocking out with you as we inch closer to 40 YEARS of rocking the YAKIMA VALLEY as KATS FM.

From 1980 to now, KATS FM has rocked the Yakima Valley and I am honored to continue that tradition with Todd and Kelly.

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