I have to tell you that the Moxee Hop Festival was better than I have ever seen. Every single thing that was at the hop fest this past weekend was awesome. All of the food, kid fun, music and of course, the beer garden, was great. It took me a minute or two to come up with my favorite things at the hop fest. I think I did it, though.

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    The Handmade Hops Pottery

    The Handmade Hops Pottery was so amazing. The lady who made it has her stuff at the Yakima Nation Cultural Museum and at the Yakima Chamber of Commerce. You must check her stuff out. The necklace she made for me is the coolest thing ever!

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    The Guy Who Made Handmade Rings

    He didn't have a banner, so I do not know his name, but he made me a ring that has my daughter's name on it. So cool.

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    Wiseblood, The Band

    Wiseblood is a local band that attracts everyone. They play everything from Pat Benatar to Metallica to Earth Wind and Fire. They are amazing.

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    Mariachi Band At The Moxee Hop Festival

    I love Spanish music so much. Every kind. My favorite will always be Mariachi. They were amazing and so talented.

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    The Sea Gals With Stan Fortier Insurance Services

    The Sea Gals were so much fun. What I loved about them the mos is that they treated every single one of our listeners who came to see them with the utmost respect. No matter what. It was amazing.

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