Myths come and go around the world, some are even made up in the last few years that found life on the internet and took off, even getting movies and tv series. One of the bigger ones is Slenderman.

This should show you in the day and age of the internet stories are made up at people's fingertips instead of around campfires, traveling faster than the speed of light they find new life everywhere. So we decided to take a look at some of the myths surrounding Washington State that people actually believe.

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5.) The Faceless man of Auburn Washington

Growing up in Auburn I can promise that this is a real urban legend and one that's been shared for over a hundred years. One of the original founders of Auburn Washington offloaded a lot of money. He spent it building the town and helping shape what it is today. However, people believe to see him roaming the streets of downtown Auburn. Obviously being his ghost taking the to the streets and warding off anyone who might be up to no good. Even in death, he protects the place he once called home.

4.) Yakima Gave up a College for the Central Washington State Fair

When it was announced Yakima would be the host of the Central Washington State fair some people on the east side started to think they were up to something. Rumors began circulating and traveling fast all across the state.

The Rumor was that Yakima Politicians had a choice between being the host of the Central Washington State fair or receiving their own College. Even back in the day, people loved to blame politicians and come up with conspiracy theories, however, the truth is a lot more simple.

Back when Washington was picking it's state capitol the choices were Ellensburg, Yakima, or Olympia. Officials tried to convice Yakima and Ellensburg to let one of the cities run while the other backs down so there wasn't a split in votes.

However neither did, Yakima made claims that Ellensburg was lawless and dangerous while Ellensburg made claims that Yakima was a dead end town with too much wind. Both would end up losing to Olympia, with Yakima coming in 2nd they tossed their hat in the ring to host the central Washingotn state fair and won.

3.) Caddy The Sea Serpent lives on the Washington Cost

As if a Collosal Squid wasn't enough now the Loch Ness monsters astranged cousin lives on the coast of Washington State. For over 200 years there has been claimes of a sea serpent out in the Pacific Ocean, with random and new sightings happening every other year more and more people believe it while the rest of Washingtonians call it a hoax.

Sadly there's no real proof besides some blury fphotos and some word of mouth. However Caddy is said to travel between Alaska to California but making Washington his home.

2.) Mel's Magical Hole

Belive it or not there's a magical hole in Ellensburg Washington, the exact location is all hear say but people claim that fairies reside in this hole and accept gifts from locals in order to help them in their everyday life.

However there could be a cost, if you don't bring the right gift your life may be left in shambles with the ferries cursing you. It's all a gamble, but is it one you're willing to take?

Others claim it's just a botemless hole that could lead to the gates of hell itself. Only those brave enough to venture and find it will know.

1.) Gravity Hill, haunting of children in Washington

Located in Prosser Washington there's a hill next to a closed down Grain elevator. Some local believe the hill itself to be haunted with daming evidence. On this middle of nowhere road you can find a starting line, rumors state if you leave your vehicle in neutral at the bottom of the hill it will slowly but surley climb up the hill with ease, as if it were going downhill.

Others state that if the back of your car is dusty or unwashed, at the end of the road you can exit your vehicle to find tiny child like handprints on your car that pushed it up the hill. Are you willing to test the theory for yourself?

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