One of the quirky (creepy?) landmarks that makes Washington weird can be found right here in the lower Yakima Valley.

As I previously wrote regarding the history of Seattle Fremont Bridge Troll, following a recent visit to my dad's house, I noticed a coffee table book called "Weird Washington" written by Jeff Davis and Al Eufrasio. There was a business card inside from Inklings Bookshop here in Yakima so I, naturally, have to assume that is where it was purchased ($19.95). One of the myriad oddities documented in the book was I had never heard of and I have lived in the valley for over 40 years.

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One such paranormal oddity is a stretch of Crosby Road in Prosser about 10 miles from downtown known as "Gravity Hill". The name might actually be a misnomer as it, according those that have been on it, is more of an ANTI-gravity hill!

It is said that if you put your vehicle in neutral at the bottom of the hill it will inexplicably begin coasting UPHILL!

According to the book's authors, who tried it themselves with less-than-spectacular results, some folks have claimed that they have sprinkled baby powder on their bumpers  and subsequently found fingerprints of the "ghosts" that were "pushing" the car!

Skeptics say that it is merely an optical illusion while more scientific-minded scoffers theorize that the iron ore in the soil has become magnetized thus pulling anything made from metal up the hill.

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons

While locals surely would like its location kept shrouded in secrecy to avoid a circus from erupting out in God's country, a simple Google search popped up a number of YouTube video of folks trying to see if "Gravity Hill's claim to fame was, indeed, legitimate. Tucked inside the copy of the book, however, was a hand-written list of instructions as to how to get there from the north of Prosser. I was going to attempt to transcribe the directions here but there were a few words I wasn't 100% sure about so I am posting it here. I know my father's hand and this is definitely not his penmanship. That, and it's highly doubtful he owns such festive stationary!

Here is just one sampling of a couple's experience as seen in this vlog:

I don't know about you but, personally, I am beyond intrigued! Road trip to Prosser, anyone?
*Ed. note - Let's just make sure it's in the DAYTIME! ;)

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