In my neighborhood, there is a guy that has a huge piece of property which is divided in half.

On one half sits his house and huge yard, on the other is an enormous tulip garden.

It only looks pretty in the spring for a few short weeks. During the summer, the flowers are beaten down by the extreme heat of eastern Washington.

During the winter, the garden sits there reminding you how far away spring really is.

But oh this spring, it surely was a gem. Folks would be passing in their cars and stop and pull over to take selfies.

There is a gate, which I have to tell folks trying to sneak over the fence.

"Just use the gate so you don't ruin the flowers or break the fence," I holler at them. "He doesn't mind."

I asked the owner's friends who volunteer to maintain the garden every year since he is too old to do it himself.

"What about the trespassers?" I asked them. "They see me outside with the dog and freak out and try to hide sometimes."

"Just tell them to use the gate," they informed me. "This garden is here for them."

There is another neighbor that built a little lending library for the kids to use at the park that borders their backyard.

In between the park and the garden is our neighborhood pool. We bought a 1% share in pool ownership, which is something we will miss when we move from this neighborhood later this year.

Our condo association is hoping to turn this into a 55+ community, which means kiddos like my five minions aren't part of the long term plan.

These gems around my house are some of the reasons we chose to move here in the first place.

One of the things that I am always leary about when moving are the little gems you find hidden only to those that live there.

Like knowing the best fishing spots along certain parts of the Yakima River.

Nobody posts the good spots on social media or fishing blogs.

Find your gems and appreciate them, the weekend's almost over!

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