For those of us, who have seen what we love trashed, or not handled with care, it looks like we are finally winning the day. For every time I've spoken out about something, that in truth really doesn't matter to the earth spinning, I've had more than a few replies of "well, go on the internet and bitch about it!" I guess all that bitching is finally taking notice. Maybe it was the wake up with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi/Star Wars: Solo issues (too many to and too diverse to discuss here) that made fans nerd rage with their wallets, and made companies take notice. They the CEO's say "wait a minute... we like money, they might not give us their money! Crap, fix this!" How ever it worked out, GOOD!

Just think about some of the nerd changes that have happened because we, the fans, were not happy with the product that was put out/or was about to be put out. People were upset with Rian Johnson's take & changes in Star Wars 8, so J.J. Abrams is back for the final 9. We also were feeling the theater SW fatigue, BAM, no more movies for around 3 years (probably).


Nerd Rage helped get Sony & Disney to start talking to each other again, and Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! As mentioned earlier this week on Todd & Timmy in Nerd News, Baby Yoda (The Child) merchandise will be for sale in time for the holidays, just a day after saying there was "no time", and audiences said "bullsh**, there's always time, we want our baby Yoda!"


After the rocky launch of Disney Plus, fans of the Simpsons noticed many of the original show was cut, or zoomed in to accommodate the current format of wide screen TV's that wasn't the norm back for the first roughly 20 years of the show's run. After they noticed, the yellow family fans made their anger known, even to the point of cancelling subscriptions. Well Disney has stated that they will be fixing the problem in early 2020. Once again, "Nerd Rage" for the Win!


And probably one of THEE biggest nerd rage win of the year has been with our furry blue fury friend, Sonic the Hedgehog! People saw the live action adaptation of the Sega classic, and overwhelmingly said, "WHAT THE F***!" $5 million dollars later, we have a true to form version of the golden ring runner, that the internet has cheered for!

& Don't even get me started on Video games, loot boxes, and all the gripes & fixing the industry has done/still working on! Now if we can only use our nerd powers for good to fix real issues in life, or at least get the world to take on the story of "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" and answers to be given... or at least ban together for a Justice League: #ReleaseTheSnyderCut!