There have been a lot of new great spots to eat open their doors here in Yakima recently.

Several of them I have visited twice.

Other past favorites got lost in the shuffle, not just by me it appears.

Black Angus closed its doors.

Sharkey's Pizza shuttered this past week.

Sure, we still have some more options at lunch and dinner time than we did a year ago.

The growth of nicer places downtown is a welcome thing to see. There are fine evening out options for a change. Between Yakima Steak Company, Cowiche Canyon Kitchen, and the older favorites there is always a place for friends and drinks.

We lost Twigs at the mall, which I never made it out to admittedly, but a lot of folks complained when they sold out recently.

Buffalo Wild Wings made other gametime hotspots virtual ghost town establishments this past football season.

All these new places and the closing of others remind me that any of the memories we made there are all we have left.

So, next time someone makes fun of you for taking a picture of your dinner just take it anyway.

Pictures from your dinner exploits capture what you really did with your life.

So while you can't relive old memories at Sharkey's, you can make new ones at new places.

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