After burning 56,355 over the last couple of months, the Norse Peak Fire welcomes its fourth incident management team.

The Central California Incident Management Team heads home for a break while the Pacific Northwest Washington Type 1 Team Noel Livingston-IC takes over.

Our cooler forecast and sprinkles ahead are good news for fire crews and the milder temperatures have already led to both the Norse Peak and American Fires remaining relatively quiet yesterday and overnight.

The shorter days, longer nights, cooler temperatures, and higher relative humidity have all contributed to the quieting of the fires’ progress.

The sobering news though is that Highway 410 is not going to be opened anytime soon. The highway is being cleaned up and snag trees are being removed, however four trees fell across the 410 yesterday according to fire managers.

FS 1900 is threatened by dead trees now loose due to wind and drought. There will likely be treefall hazard along this road until the trees are tested with snow and wind, fire managers said.


  • SR 410 from Bumping River Road east to the Sawmill Flats CampGround will be closed from 8:00 am to 8:00pm., due to heavy equipment movement and fallen tree removal. This daily 12 hour closure is for today Sunday September 17th.
  • SR 410 will remain closed from SR 123 to the east at Bumping River Road.
  • SR 410 on the west side of the Cascades, and Highway 123 remains open.
  • Bumping River Road is closed.
  • Crystal Mountain Boulevard is closed.
  • The Pacific Crest Trail remains closed from White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass.
  • Boulder Cave is closed.

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