This will probably come as no surprise to any of you who watch ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘True Blood’ but the Parents Television Council just released a study that found 76 incidents of full nudity during primetime hours, a 407% increase over 2011. That’s a lot of nudity.

We’re not sure who these people are that get the job to track who’s going nude on TV (we will happily volunteer to do that job for ‘Community’…), but they have logged all the network TV shows that air during primetime hours (8pm – 11pm) and reported back. This is what they found:

During the recently concluded television season there were 76 incidents of full nudity in 37 shows compared to 15 incidents in 14 shows the previous year…If left unchecked and unchallenged, Hollywood will continue on this path until broadcast TV is undistinguishable [sic] from premium cable networks like Showtime, HBO, or Cinemax.

Keep in mind, these are shows on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox and we watch all of these shows and don’t really remember a whole lot of nudity. Are we missing something?

The PTC believes that watching the pixelated bosoms of a woman on TV leads children to “start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners,” and as such want this type of footage fined.

If you want, you can also look through each specific episode they charted to see some of the examples they saw.

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