Theaters in the Tri-Cities are starting to reopen and the Kennewick AMC theater has a really cool thing going on. You could rent your own personal and private movie showing along with perks starting at just $99!

AMC Theaters like most movie theaters have been struggling since the pandemic started and they now will allow you to rent your own private screening.

It's been over 8 months with most theaters shut down but now AMC is looking to make up for lost revenue by allowing you to rent a showing in your own private theater and it's fairly inexpensive.

Think how cool this is! You can see a hot new movie like Tenet in the luxury of a massive theater with your own friends and family and rentals start at just $99!

AMC Theaters has made the offer available on their website and you can add on to your perks. AMC says adding food, a microphone for your event and other add-ons will increase the price of your rental.

I was looking on their website and saw a ton of movies that you could be watching right now - they have a great selection of Halloween favorites as well as the hot movies right now like Tenet and War With Grandpa.

You can check out rates and get more details on the rentals on AMC's website here.

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