With the weather getting warmer, and Oregon getting weirder, a group who always wanted to be treated the same while on the road, now get to ignore one of the biggest rules there are... STOP! As of January 1st, a new stipulation that was passed back on June 18th of 2019, says how bicyclists will now be allowed to roll through stop signs.

Medford Police Department Lt. Budreau commented how, "It's going to allow bike riders to not come to a complete stop, so they can keep their momentum moving forward but they still have to yield." He also stated that "Laws like this apply to really everyone. They need to remember that everyone needs to take part in traffic safety, everyone has to look out for each other whether you're on a bicycle or in a car." He added, "You got to look out for one another to avoid potential collisions."

If an accident occurs and is caused by the bicyclist failing to yield, they may receive a fine of $250. When it comes down to it, no matter how many wheel's you're on, always be aware of your surroundings and use caution. Don't be like PeeWee Herman!

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