A couple of days back, a dude got a little too close for comfort near me at the grocery store. He was pretty close, not invading my personal space close, but well within the suggested six foot range,and  I knew it was true because of the blue dot thingys on the floor. Oh, and he was wearing a mask below his nose.

In that moment I was wondering do I say something about the lack of social distancing and/or that his mask, if not covering his nose, might as well not even be on?

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is something we are having to learn day by day, and it means some are taking a little longer to figure out how to handle themselves in public.



How exactly should we tell someone that they're just too close to us in a store? Is there a good way to tell people to put on their mask correctly?

With most situations, it's most important to approach anyone not keeping their space, or not wearing a mask, from a place of respect.

Make sure that we're not pointing the finger or voicing our concern in a very accusing manner. Maybe try, "Excuse me, I want to make sure that we are practicing proper social distancing, so can we put just a little bit more space between us right now?"

The encounter can be framed using US. Its not you, its WE, I just want to make sure that WE are social distancing, can WE put a little more space between US to stay within the guidelines?

Much more palatable, no?

A bunch of peeps not wearing masks? Let crazy be crazy and leave them alone. If they're not in your personal space, it's really about going your own merry way.

There's nothing you're going to say with your words that will change their minds.

As far as friends go, avoiding posting social media photos, be sensitive to the tone deafness of rocking highlights of a big event, only to find some are now butt hurt because they were left out, or maybe a bunch of people were shown maskless, Why broadcast it and open yourself up to broadside criticism?

When dining out at restaurants, mask etiquette would include no masks on top of the table (like the no cell phone on top of the table rule), keep it handy and germ free by putting it inside a baggie or slip your face covering under your napkin, that way when the server approaches, you can quickly mask up.

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