Police are on the hunt for the suspect in the photo. She's been dubbed as the "2much" Bandit. The female suspect allegedly used a stolen access card in a number of transactions.

Take a closer look. The tattoo is definitely a unique giveaway. Surely, someone can recognize this person. If you know who she is, contact Police at 509-628-0333.

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Pasco Police took a report from a resident on April 17th, after the victim was notified of potential fraud activity by the bank.

Credit: Pasco Police Department Facebook Page.

The suspect was seen at Pasco's Walmart in a series of images. Thank goodness for great surveillance video cameras. Most noticeable is the "2much" art on her right hand. The female has dark hair, wears glasses, and has great taste in footwear. She also appears to be a sports fan, with her jersey.

Dave Allen

Police are asking if you can identify the "2much" bandit, to call them at 509-628-0333. You can also email Officer Spitzer at spitzerj@pasco-wa.gov.

Dave Allen

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