Pasco Police are hoping witnesses to a weekend incident involving a large dog will come forward to resolve an issue.

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It was brought to the Department's attention that there was a negative social media post criticizing the officers' conduct.

Police were initially called out to the incident at about 3:30 am where the caller reported a dog yelping and whining in the street. The caller stated a man was "beating him pretty hard."

The first responding officer arrived at 3:43 am and found the car, which was illegally parked on the wrong side of the road blocking traffic. The officer ordered the male driver to roll down the window. The driver would NOT comply. The dog didn't seem to be injured, and people present reported the dog was outside whining, but not being beaten.

According to the Pasco Police Facebook page:

Meanwhile, people from the house came outside to see what the police were doing there. Faced with three people in the car and five in the yard, the first officer requested a second officer. This is also standard policy since he was immediately having difficulty trying to address the people in the car while simultaneously getting questions from the group in the yard. A second officer arrived quickly.

Check out the officer's bodycam footage below.

You can check out the entire incident below from the Pasco Police Facebook page.

Pasco Police are still investigating the incident. If you were there or have any information please contact Police at 509-545-3421.

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