There is a new robot in town! Its name is Pepper. Softbank Robotics Corp makes them in Japan.

According to its maker, Pepper is a humanoid robot designed to work with and interact with humans. In other words, it has emotions.

CNN reported in June that Pepper's Japanese creator, SoftBank Robotics Corp sold out of the emotional robot within 15 minutes of putting them on sale. They only made 1,000 of the robots.

The reasons why people bought the robot should be pretty clear: for cleaning, helping around the house or just keeping lonely people company. That is how I would look at it, anyway.

However, Softbank Robotics decided before they sold the robot to put a clause in the sales contract. As the Daily mail reports, the contract states that users will be forbidden from having sex with, creating sexy apps for or reprogramming Pepper. Among the company's reasons: They don't want the robot stalking people!

That is hilarious! But, it makes sense that SoftBanks Robotics Corp put the clause in the buying contract ... because there are so many whacked-out people out there!


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