What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it's caught on camera and can scare the hell out of people worried about the eventual robot uprising. With movies like Terminator, The Matrix, iRobot & Wall-E all focusing on how robots will rule the future, it gets a little scary when they don't even have respect for other artificial life. If Knight Rider is willing to run down Johnny 5, how do you think they're going to treat us organic meat bags?

In this situation the victim was a $2,000-per-day Promobot. It's a rentable humanoid robot that can be used for advertising. According to the company that makes them, this particular rogue robot decide to step out of line and into the street. That's when it was struck by a Tesla Model S, with a driver in it, but the driver was testing out the autonomous mode.

The driver commented how "There was nobody there, no men, no cars. I switched this Tesla into a self-driving mode and it started to move. And wow! A robot on the track!" He continued "I thought the flivver would come round, but it bumped straightly into it! I am so sorry, the robot looks cute. And my sincere apologies to the engineers."

The firm stated how the crash tipped the robot onto its side damaging it's body, head, arm & movement platform. The robot who was here from Philadelphia to participate at CES, looks to be irreparable, not even worthy of putting on display.

Nevada authorities are investigating the matter.

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