Last month, we got a message from a Facebook Listener, letting us know about a call they got! Well it was a SCAM! Got another message, saying that the scammers are still at it!

The call is someone pretending to be from 94.5 KATS, or "calling on behalf of 94.5 KATS" asking for military appreciation donations. IT IS A SCAM!

We will never call you individually to ask for donations or personal information. We do that type of solicitation, get this ... over the radio! If you do get one of these calls, please ignore it. If you ever do get a legitimate call from KATS-FM, it is either to give you a prize, or to inform you that a prize you have already won is available for pick-up.

If you are ever in doubt please reach out to us via the KATS App, Facebook Page, or good old fashion telephone device at 509-972-5287 or our biz line 509-972-3461 or check out the FTC's scam page.

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