There are severe wind and thunderstorms racing through Central Washington this afternoon with reported winds up to 60 mph.  The National Weather Service has issued an EAS for the next hour.

Here are some precautions that you should take if it is windy in your area.

1         If outside, move indoors as soon as possible.

2         Move to an interior hallway or basement.

3         Avoid upper floors, large glassed areas and windows.

4         If you are in a structure that has more than one level, move to the basement

5         Stay away from electrical appliances.


You should have a safety plan in action now, before danger hits. The National Weather Service advises that a severe preparedness plan should include:

  • A thorough knowledge of the hazard and the proper safety rules to be followed;
  • Selection and designation of the best shelter you have.
  • A reliable method of receiving warning information.
  • Instructions in the proper procedures to follow when a watch or warning is issued - or if threatening weather should develop with no advance warning - for each person in the household, factory, or business.
  • Drills to test and practice the plan.

Yakima Valley rarely gets this kind of weather but please stay prepared just in case.

Please be safe and have a great afternoon.


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