This is the year you're finally getting the boat.

You've been doing your homework, saving up and getting permission from the spouse.

The state also has a list of things you need in order to be a boat owner, including a safety education course.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Boating Program is celebrating 'Spring Aboard Week' to remind boaters to be prepared for the upcoming season by taking the safety education course.

According to state law, boaters who operate a vessel with a 15 horsepower engine or greater must be certified and carry a Boater Education Card to prove they passed an accredited boating safety education course.

The state offers three options to get certified: an instructor-led course, an online self-study, or a home study and equivalency exam for boaters who already have a lot of boating experience.

During the Spring Aboard week, March 18 thru 24, many course providers will offer discounts or other incentives for students who enroll in a course.

More information about courses and the boater education card can be found at

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