Prophets of Rage have recently posted a list of three things "you can do to resist." Chuck D and Tom Morello spoke with Billboard and offered up suggestions people can do to go against the government, and how to most effectively add an opposite source of power to those in control.

First up .... "Homeland Security has pretty much endorsed fear to keep people in one place,” says Chuck D., who suggests people should “Get a damn passport” and travel. "I'm always in a world state of mind," he explains. "It would be short-sighted and naive to try to come from the U.S. and think of myself as from any one territory. I call myself a culturalist." According to Chuck, most people outside the U.S. want to know what's going on. "We as musicians have a license to bring a logic that governments are not bringing," he adds.

The second tip is to read and watch those with an opposing view point. “Don’t just pick a news channel that confirms your prejudices," says Morello. "The way that news is presented is a window into how the world really works." The guitarist says he reads everything from the New York Times to Fox News to the Guardian to the Intercept in order to understand "the tectonic plates that move our society, the forces that are engaged in trying to shape and control the world."

"Garbage on the lawn doesn’t walk itself to the trash. You can think globally but act locally," says Chuck D. offering a third suggestion. "You hope these giant cities will shine light on smaller models in different parts of the country doing their best to challenge their state," he says. "We want to leave a social justice imprint everywhere we play," Morello adds. "Millions showed up for the Women's March; keep showing up whenever and wherever you can, to make your voice heard. Alone our voices can be drowned out easily, but together we can shake the halls of power."

Last week, the group released a new video for "Radical Eyes," which gave commentary on the country's current state of race relations. Morello and Chuck D. also spoke in an interview about what happened in Charlottesville, with Morello commenting that the "Nazis and the KKK have unhooded themselves."

Read the three things you can do to resist over at Billboard.

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