The offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys Kellen Moore might be saying goodbye to the Big "D" as he eyes the head coaching job at Boise State.

I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and to see Moore go would be a bummer BUT going to Boise State might open opportunities for the young OC to get back into the NFL down the road as head coach.

Kellen Moore is a Prosser Washington native and was born just a few miles down the road. His dad was the head coach of the Prosser Mustangs from 1986 until 2008 and Moore played at Prosser all through his school days.

He set Washington state career records for completions (787) and touchdown passes (173). He also set state single-season records for completions (317 as a junior), yards (4,600 as a junior), and touchdown passes (67 as a senior) according to Wikipedia.

Moore later played at Boise State (where he won 50 games as QB) which makes the interview for the head coaching gig a natural and then Moore later played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions and The Dallas Cowboys.

Moore became the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys in 2018 after retiring from the player side of the NFL.

Various sources have Moore interviewing for the top spot at Boise State after the departure of Bryan Harsin to Auburn.

I guess the real question is will Kellen Moore take the job or stick with the Dallas Cowboys?

The good news for us is that either way, we'll get to root on this young Washingtonian at Boise or Dallas and whoever nabs him will have a great former player and coach on their team.

You can read more details about Kellen Moore here.

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