Stoner/alternative rock icons Queens of the Stone Age have been relatively inactive since they released 2017’s Villains. However, things seem to be heating up once again for mastermind Josh Homme and company, as they’ve recently announced a string of classic album reissues and hinted at what they’re cooking up next.

This past Thursday (Sept. 22), the band announced – via Twitter – that limited edition vinyl reissues of 1998’s Queens of the Stone Age, 2013’s ...Like Clockwork and 2017’s Villains are coming soon.

Check out QOTSA’s original tweet below:

As for the finer details, the self-titled collection (which will be available in either black or orange, with its initial vinyl track sequencing and Frank Kozik’s original artwork) will arrive on Oct. 21. Then, both of the latter LPs will arrive on Dec. 9, with ...Like Clockwork featuring Boneface artwork and Villains featuring a Boneface poster.

Like Queens of the Stone Age, each will be issued with different vinyl color options, too. You can preorder them here.

If that weren’t exciting enough, the group’s official website now alludes to a potential new album and a new tour!

Specifically, the main page includes an animated TV with several buttons, two of which are “Buy” and “Tour.”

If you click “Buy,” you’ll notice a very exciting message at the bottom of the screen: “Breaking: Queens Of The Stone Age album launch rumored to be ‘imminent.’” Likewise, clicking “Tour” gives you not only another message – “Breaking: Worldwide manhunt for rock band Queens Of The Stone Age” – but also a series of X’d out dates, locations and venues. It even states that tickets will be “available soon.”

Plus, QOTSA recently changed their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile pictures to reflect a new logo.

If that’s not enough proof of some impending announcements, we don’t know what is.

So, which are you more excited about: the reissues or the possibility of new QOTSA on the horizon? Let us know!

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