Lately, Loudwire has been advocating for rappers like Post Malone who are metalheads because they help expose rock and metal to a wider audience. But, it needs to be done right. Rapper Lil Wayne once misfired in a very public forum, butchering Black Sabbath at the VMAS in 2011 by rapping over the "Iron Man" riffs.

The rapper performed his acoustic song "How to Love," then approached the mic to say, "Ladies and gentleman, my name is Lil Wayne." He lets out a scream as the iconic guitar melody in "Iron Man" starts. Watch the video below.

Certain bands just should not be sampled in other songs, and Black Sabbath is one of them. As one of the pioneer metal acts, it's better to respect their legacy by simply leaving their music alone. For Lil' Wayne to introduce himself before rapping over one of the most widely known songs in rock and metal is just blasphemous.

Wonder what Ozzy thinks.

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