Although it was originally released in April of 2018 -- over two years ago -- the song "Rats" by the Swedish rock band Ghost should be named as the official theme song for 2020.

What with a pandemic creating an unsettled and uncertain feeling in virtually all of us, and then followed by the social and political upheaval following the death of George Floyd leading to protests in the streets, the lyrics and accompanying video couldn't be more of an accurate description.

In fact, if the word "rats" were replaced with "bats" (which some believe was the original source of the novel coronavirus) the song would be a bold prediction that came true that would make even Nostradamus envious.

Check out the lyrics and see if you agree:

"In times of turmoil
In times like these
Beliefs contagious
Spreading disease
This wretched mischief is now coursing through your souls
Never to let go
Them rats!
Into your sanctum
You let them in
Now all your loved ones
And all your kin
Will suffer punishments beneath the wrath of God
Never to forgive
Them rats!
This devastation left your cities to be burnt
Never to return
Them filthy rodents are still coming for your souls
Never to let go
Them rats!…"

Which song, past or present, do you think best describes the craziness that has been the year 2020 up to this point?
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