Let's go! The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is finally here, and people have some opinions. First of all, the animation looks perfect and the casting of Charlie Day as Luigi couldn't be more fitting.

That being said, people are kind of upset at Chris Pratt's voice, as expected. Rather than donning the trademark high-pitched Mario voice, Pratt opts for using his regular voice. To be fair, it seems like he's making a really lazy attempt at a New York accent.

When the movie was first announced, people were upset that Mario's voice actor was Chris Pratt. Especially when Charles Marinet, Mario's voice actor since 1990, was completely available. A lot of people have pointed this problem out, though. Rather than just using readily available voice actors for existing characters, Hollywood almost always opts for bringing major stars in instead. If you look at the cast of the film, you'll quickly notice how star-studded it is.

Let's pop over to Twitter to get a read on how people are feeling.

People are also picking on Chris Pratt for struggling to remember the name of Mario's main enemies:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled for release on April 7, 2023. While as of now that's the only major Mario movie we know of, there are potential spin-offs and sequels on the horizon. There have been rumors of a Donkey Kong spin-off, as well as a Luigi's Mansion adaptation after Charlie Day expressed interest.

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