Yakima Police speed emphasis patrols continue. The Officers are involved in ongoing emphasis patrols in which each officer to required to make 3 to 4 stops every day. The patrols have been focused on areas where traffic is heavy and where crashes are being reported. Despite the ongoing patrols the number of collisions has stayed steady or grown every week.

The numbers aren't changing much when it comes to red light collisions

Every Tuesday the department posts it's traffic emphasis numbers on social media. During the week of January 29 through February 4 officers made 893 stop and issued 341 citations. Officers investigated 28 collisions. 15 of the collisions were the result of a driver not stopping for a red light.
5 drivers were arrested for DUI.

Not much change from the week before

Those numbers compared with the stats from the week of January 22 through January 28 show consistent numbers week to week. During the 22-28 officers made 640 stops and issued 292 citations. During that week officers investigated 38 collisions 16 the result of a driver not stopping for a red light. 18 drivers were arrested for DUI.

Police are conducting the ongoing patrols to save lives

Last year was a deadly year in the city of Yakima and the Chief of Yakima Police wanted action taken. Late last year Police Chief, Matthew Murray wrote a letter to the community in which he says "the culture of anything goes on Yakima streets must change."
More than 20 fatality crashes were reported last year within city limits and numerous serious injury crashes involving vehicles and motorcycles.

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