It ain't over 'til it's over.

That Yogi Berra saying would have served one Michigan reporter well.

Jamal Spencer, a reporter for WZZM in Grand Rapids, delivered a live stand-up in which he falsely said Michigan had defeated Michigan State on Saturday. The problem, of course, is Michigan State won on a miraculous and bizarre play in which the Spartans scored a touchdown as time expired after Wolverines punter Blake O'Neill, who earlier in the game blasted an 80-yard kick, couldn't get a clean hold on the snap. Spencer had no idea that play happened.

Call this a Dewey defeats Truman moment for the 21st century.

Spencer, a Michigan State alum, did not back down from the fact he messed up:

Of course, jumping to conclusions about what team wins has been somewhat of a theme this year. Texas Governor Greg Abbott was caught congratulating the Astros on beating the Royals in the American League Division Series before Houston blew a late lead in Game 4:

The muffed punt that led to the improbable game-winning, time-expiring touchdown will go down as one of the most famous plays in college football history. And while Spartans fans are overjoyed about their team's unbelievable good fortune, several people took to Twitter to attack O'Neill.

The backlash was so severe that Michigan interim Athletic Director took to Twitter to urge fans to leave O'Neill alone:

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