We've all heard horror stories about bedbugs at a hotel or motel. But, what about bedbugs in YOUR furniture? A Richland woman recently purchased a sectional sofa for $500 at a rental store and alleges it was infested.

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Courtney McGowan claims her family of five kids and others suffered bites and welts from bedbugs. According to McGowan, visitors to her home had seen the bugs in her living room. McGowan checked the sofa and discovered it was infested.

It's been two weeks since the bedbug discovery in the sofa. The store offered to replace McGowan's sectional with another, but the mother turned it away. Instead, she accepted a refund for her bedbug-infested purchase.

No word on if McGowan plans to return to the store for any other rent-to-own merchandise.


Uh, that would be a "hard no" for me. While I've never personally experienced a bedbug infestation, I have seen them at another home where I was staying. I made an excuse to leave ASAP. It was very awkward, as it was so late at night.

As far as hotels and motels go, there is something to asking the front desk if you can see a room before making the decision to stay. Turn up the mattress. You never know what you'll find. Sometimes it's NOT just bedbugs. I've found money and various items.

I can't imagine bedbugs in my home.

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As for the McGowan family, they're currently staying in a motel. The family has a GoFundMe page to help with expenses and legal fees.

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