With the world so fixated on TV show's endings, it's easy for an announcement about a show's return to fall through the cracks. That happened to some of my friends. When I told them how Rick and Morty, Adult Swim's sci-fi vulgar cartoon epic, would be returning for it's 4th season, they didn't quite believe me. In the past R&M's creators Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon have taken their time between seasons. Even to the point of making fans wonder if the show was doomed after the ending of season 3. They announced a signed deal with Cartoon Network/Adult Swim for 10 full seasons of the show which gave me & other fans a sigh of relief. So when word spread, many thought it was a fake (thank you internet) but it is real, the video below came straight from the Gazorpazorp's mouth. Of course my friends were distracted by the endings of long running shows like Big Bang Theory & Game of Thrones that at least this new announcement meant that their TV's would only suck for a couple of months. Check the announcement out below.


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