Last week was spring break for many area schools, so when my parents asked if they could take the kids to Oregon for a visit I was relieved.

It's hard to entertain five kids when you don't get spring break at work.

I went to get the kiddos over the weekend and we decided to explore Hood River a bit. It's always one of our favorite stops during certain fishing seasons.

I really love Hood River.

I enjoy the food, the breweries, but especially the views. I love the Gorge. The ACTUAL Gorge, not the one in George.

Anyway, there are so many things to do on the weekend if you stay in Hood River.

If you don't mind finding your inner hippie, there is a yoga thing going on every 30 minutes. Whether it is prenatal yoga, hot yoga, and yes, goat yoga, you can find it offered on one of the many crowded bulletin boards at area businesses.

So, the next time you wonder about crappy weather or filled quotas ruining your fishing down at the Gorge, just remember the main reason you go down there is to enjoy yourself.

Losing $50 worth of tackle, having to cut the line from high river debris or getting a back massage during these trying early spring days ... you tell me which one is worth the $50.

Aside from the many breweries, staying in Hood River is also another great area for wineries that aren't filled with your ex-wife or her minions. Just saying.

The place that really makes it special for a quick or not-so-quick stop is a little ice cream stand ...

Ice Cream Stand

Dude. The pistachio ice cream is worth writing about. I didn't have cash after we ordered eight ice creams and learned they do not take cards. They said to enjoy the ice cream and go grab cash when we were done, no biggie.

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