As talked about this morning on the Big Show, Todd & Timmy talked about how Rob Zombie was taking some flack over his haunted house this year. Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare this year is located in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, which is also is near the area that John Wayne Gacy had committed his heinous crimes. For those of you who do not know who John Wayne Gacy is, he was a serial killer who dressed as a clown for children parties, but also lured young boys into his house where he killed and buried them in the crawl space of his home. In the '70's it was reported that he has killed at least 33 kids. Rob Zombie included in his horror attraction, a John Wayne Gacy room in which the replica living room has 1970s-era wallpaper and furnishings with an actor playing Gacy, who is dressed in a clown costume, blowing up balloons. Rob expected backlash, but is not letting that stop him. His co-producer of the haunted house telling People Magazine that "It's tasteless and offensive, but it's art... Some art is tasteless and offensive." Since a lot of the victims families still live in the area he did add that "I have empathy for the victims' families. They shouldn't come to the haunted house."

The video above is from Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare 2013 so you can take a gander at what was, and what might be.