We're going platinum! While it's not uncommon for hard rock and metal acts to earn platinum sales plaques for their albums, platinum sales for singles are a little harder to come by. In this list, we've gathered 31 rock and metal acts who've managed to pull off the feat of having multiple platinum singles.

It certainly helps if your song has a bit of that crossover potential as you'll see some of the acts that dominate this list have found just as much success in the pop world as they have with rock. As of press time, Panic! at the Disco (16) and Twenty One Pilots (14) have compiled the most platinum singles, boosting their sales from airplay and streaming in several different genres.

How about those who've achieved diamond status (10 million copies) of a single? That's even rarer status with only two songs on this entire list surpassing the 10 million mark — Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Twenty One Pilots' "Stressed Out."

Get a closer look at who sold what as we examine 31 Rock + Metal Acts With Multiple Platinum Singles below. And be sure to check out the 80 Rock + Metal Bands With Multiple Platinum Albums here.

31 Rock + Metal Artists With Multiple Platinum Singles

They've sold over one million copies on a song more than once.

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