How do you know when you've hit it big? A good indicator is when you're able to sell one million copies of your album. That gets you a certified platinum album from the RIAA and in this gallery we count down 80 rock and metal acts who have achieved that accomplishment on multiple occasions.

There are certain veteran acts on this list who've been able to reach that goal quite frequently. At press time (on June 18, 2021), AC/DC had reached that mark 20 times in their career, led of course by one of the biggest selling albums in rock history — Back in Black.

Ozzy Osbourne makes this list twice, both as a solo artist and while fronting Black Sabbath. His hugely successful career looks even bigger than you might think when you glimpse the amount of records moved in both stages of his career.

And when it comes to bringing metal to the masses, it's hard to find someone who's had as much success as Metallica. They have an impressive 13 platinum records to their name.

But that's just the beginning. See all 80 of the rock and metal acts with multiple platinum records in the gallery below.

80 Rock + Metal Acts With Multiple Platinum Albums

Selling a million copies of an album is a big deal and these acts did it more than once.

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