Rock stars and comic books go hand in hand. For anyone who thinks differently, all they have to do is look at KISS or Gwar and realize that that look could fill up the pages of a comic. In fact, they have, many times over!

Towards the middle of this article (after The Offspring cover art), you can check out “23 Must-Own Rock & Metal Comics & Books,” but a couple are missing from this list that should be on your radar, especially if you’re a comic and rock fan like myself.

Disturbed released a comic called Dark Messiah that was pretty badass. Ozzy just released one based on his latest album, Patient Number 9, and other comics from Stone Sour, Alice Cooper, Rise Against, and Halestorm have all been hitting the spinner racks at comic shops nationwide.

It looks like The Offspring will be the next band to get the comic treatment; although not much is known yet, I’m excited for its tentative release on November 1st.

The Offspring: Let The Bad Times Roll will be written by Josh Trujillo (Blue Beetle, Dodge City, United States of Captain America, Bill & Ted Day of the Dead) with art by Garrie Gastonny (The Vault, Caliber, Bill & Ted Day of the Dead) and published by Opus Comics.

It is fitting that Trujillo and Gastonny are on board for this project, with them collaborating on Bill & Ted: Day of the Dead since the main synopsis of the new Offspring comic is about that festival.

“A Day of the Dead slasher adventure set to the rollicking rock and roll of punk royalty!” – Midtown Comics

I’m a fan of comics and The Offspring, so when I heard about this fantastic collaboration of music and comics, I immediately got “Nerd Rock Wood.” Check out the Facebook announcement and cover art below:

Will you be checking this out? Are you a fellow comic fan? Are you strictly superhero or have you branched off into other genres? Tap the App and let us know!

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