Fresh-faced English bloke Sam Smith was the big winner at the 57th Grammy Awards Sunday night. Not only did he win Best New Artist, but his song "Stay With Me" also picked up trophies for Best Song and Best Record. Problem is, the song was originally recorded in 1989. Three years before Smith was born.

Tom Petty's hit "I Won't Back Down" from his Grammy-nominated album "Full Moon Fever" bears a striking resemblance to the Smith song.  So Much so, in fact, that, according to Wikipedia"Smith subsequently awarded 12.5 percent of the royalties from his hit "Stay with Me" to Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne, co-writers of Petty's 1989 hit "I Won't Back Down", upon being confronted with the similarities between the two songs. Petty and Lynne are now listed as co-writers on the track."

Compare and contrast for yourself. What do you think?

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