Yakima Police have arrested a 27-year-old Yakima man on felony animal abuse charges. Police say the man tortured and killed dog found in his yard in the 700 block of South 4th Avenue on the 4th of July.

Eduardo Serrano-Reyes is being held in the Yakima County jail after being arrested on Thursday at his home where police also found the dog buried on his property. More details are expected to be released during a court appearance.

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Police say the man was in his backyard when the dog, who was a stray had wandered into his yard apparently scared of fireworks. Authorities say the man caught the dog, tied its legs together and hung the dog on his fence. The dog also had knife slashes all over its body and the neck was cut. Police say city Animal Control Officers showed pictures of the dog to local vets who say the slash wounds were not the result of bites from other dogs. The suspect first claimed he knew nothing about the dog. But witnesses who took video of the incident contacted police.


When police confronted him he reportedly told them the dog had wandered into his yard and was attacked by his two dogs. He says he slashed the dogs throat to kill the dog because it was suffering from injuries after being attacked by his dogs. Police say they don't believe his story. He was arrested on a charge of felony first-degree animal abuse charges on Thursday.

Police say city animal control may give his dogs back to him if he's released from jail. Capt. Jay Seely says he hopes that doesn't happen given the allegations that are leveled against the suspect.

State officials say first-degree animal cruelty is a class C felony, which includes intentionally inflicting pain, causing physical injury or killing an animal in a way that causes undue suffering.

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