The 2022 Yakima Greenway Scavenger Hunt + Family Fun Fest is almost here! Thursday, August 18th from 3 pm - 7 pm at Sarge Hubbard Park. This is a free event for the entire family with games, food vendors, kayaking, live music a fit station, and more!

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If you haven't already given them a like, make sure to do so because you can get a jump start on all the fun by printing out your scavenger card! There's a link that I saw provided on Yakima Greenway's Facebook page.

I had a chance to attend one of these events, it was SO fun, and from the list of options, it sounds like it's going to be bigger and better than ever. The perfect addition to your end-of-summer adventures.

Before school begins it's so important to take some time to explore and though I won't tell you what is on the scavenger card, I took a peek, it runs the entire length of the greenway! You can walk it, drive, ride, or roller skate to each unique location. Even if you're not from here, the weather is simply the best right now so send this info to someone you love, and let's have some fun as a community.

How Can I Help the Yakima Greenway?

You can always reach out to volunteer or donate to assist with keeping the area secure and beautiful. There are plenty of community events throughout the year to enjoy.

Yakima Greenway Scavenger Hunt from Years Past

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