A school board went a little too far in arresting a father who spoke out of turn at one of their meetings. This happened in Gifford, N.H. The video went viral in the last couple of days, showing only the clip of him speaking out and being arrested.  I think that is all that we needed to see. Him being arrested went way to far for a school board. Respect needs to be given to others who attend these meeting without a doubt, but cuffing the father should not have happened.

The school board should have made a motion for an extended meeting on that subject only. He should have then been escorted out to let the meeting finish.

He spoke up because of a book that was assigned to his child at school as required reading. He found out what the book was, as many parents did, and attended the meeting.

The book is called 'Nineteen Minutes' by Jodi Picoult   It is about school bullying and how it affects a town.

The father from Gifford objected to the graphic nature of the book.