Imagine if you will... you are sitting at work, and the phone rings. The number that pops up is unknown to you. You hate taking calls from people you don't know, so you decide to let it go to voicemail. You then listen to the message a little while later. It tells you in an official, yet automated voice, that your student loan forgiveness application has been flagged. Suddenly panic comes over you as you realize... you never went to college! That happened to me earlier this week.

The exact transcript of the phone message is as follows:

Hello please listen to this important voicemail. We are reaching out to you because your student loan forgiveness application is flagged, your submission is incomplete and we need to speak with you today. Please call us at 888-851-0679 to complete your application. The deadline is today and you may not receive forgiveness if you do not complete your application. Again that number is 888-851-0679.

Just a simple Google search of the phone number easily flagged this as a scam. If you do get this call, just ignore it. Delete the voicemail and move on with your life. If, by chance, you are in the process of dealing with a student loan, and get this message, DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER! Reach out to the company you normally do your business with to confirm the status of your account. For more info on the other SCAMS going around right now, check out our list here.


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