If there's one rocker who deserves praise for having a major comeback over the last few years, it's Scott Stapp. In the last five years, the Creed frontman went from a public meltdown in 2014, to venturing on a mission for sobriety and psychological peace, to now preparing for the release of brand new solo record. Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez spoke with Stapp recently about his upcoming solo effort, rediscovering his spirituality and the possibility of a Creed reunion.

Earlier this year, Stapp announced his signing to Napalm Records, a label that primarily houses some pretty heavy names. This raised the question - is the new album, a metal album? "No, it is not. It's a rock record," Stapp explains. "It's a very diverse record. I've got the heavy tunes, then I've got some tunes that are more vibey, big anthem-kind of choruses. But it's a traditional rock record, I would say."

The album, titled Space Between the Shadows, is due for release in July. Stapp describes it almost as a concept record, saying, "The album symbolizes finding the light, coming out of the shadows and rediscovering a world full of color, full of light ... It's a journey from the shadows into that light full of color and life and love. It's one of those records that tells a story from the first song to the last."

Spirituality is a theme throughout the record as well. Stapp says his faith and beliefs find a way into his music because often times when he is writing, he typically ends up reflecting on situations where he questioned spirituality and his religion. "I think for me it was important to share that truth because it's not fairytales and roses. Sometimes you question everything, and sometimes you feel so far away from anything spiritual or so far away, in my case, from a relationship with a higher power, that you wonder if it even exists. I think that's just part of being human," he says.

Though he has many endeavors approaching as a solo artist, including a summer tour, Stapp does not completely rule out the possibility of a Creed reunion, and treads the topic safely. "I tell you man, everything's positive with the band. I love those guys, we share so much history together and so many amazing things that we accomplished together as a band. I think as soon as there's any new information to share, I promise Toni, I will call you up and I will share it with you. I promise. You have my word," he laughs.

Listen to the full interview above, and watch the video for his first single from Space Between the Shadows, "Purpose for Pain," below.

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