Fans of the Fallout video game series have known for a while what new fans of the Amazon hit TV show are just now finding out.

Vaults are our homes away from homes when our original homes get blown to smithereens!

But how many vaults are there in the Pacific Northwest?

Viewers to the new show got a Vault-Tec map with several survival shelters throughout the United States.

One Fallout fan saw the map and got the great idea to do some pinpointing using Google Earth.

X/Twitter user @Tunnelsnakefool started plotting out the vaults and eventually shared the file on their discord server for other Fallout fans to work with!

Other Fallout fans like @Werthead (X/Twitter) have done some cross-calculating, including vaults from each of the games, books, board games, and the new TV show.

The time he took to map out which shelters are ‘cannon’ and are rumors from all the different corners of the Fallout franchise is quite impressive.

The Pacific Northwest (known in the Fallout universe as the Northwest Commonwealth consists of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Northern California) begs the question...

How Many Fallout Vaults Are in Washington, Oregon, & California?

Fallout Vaults In California:

California sports 12 vaults. 8 that are confirmed via the games and TV show:

  • #4 Los Angeles
  • #13
  • #15
  • #17
  • #'s 31+32+33 (linked up Santa Monica/Los Angeles)
  • #44

And 4 vaults that are planned around Sacramento and San Diego

Fallout Vaults In Oregon:

Oregon has 2 planned in the Portland area.

Fallout Vaults In Washington:

Washington has 3 vaults, 1 confirmed at Mount St. Helens and 2 planned for Seattle and Spokane.

Werthead does give a note on how the Fallout series has been worked on by hundreds if not thousands of people during the 27 years of the franchise’s life; there’s been a lot of back and forth as far as what’s canon and what’s a rumor, but one exciting thing, is the Vault #’s have always stayed consistent.

But with a series so fun and scary to imagine, it is entertainment in its purest form!

The real question is, our these vaults in Northwest Commonwealth, real life saving spaces, or evil scientific experiments?

If you'd like to learn more about the franchise before you jump into a game or the show, check out this Fallout Lore video (spoiler warning)!

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