We are exactly where we thought we would be right now this offseason for the Seattle Seahawks.

National media however are in full meltdown over the trade of Michael Bennett to the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday.

First, let's be honest Bennett NEEDED to go last season.

Lying about the Las Vegas Police Department during the incident at the Cromwell Casino on the strip was only one of many instances in which Bennett was more of a distraction than asset of defense.

Nevermind the sideline protest issue, lack of apology to the LVPD two weeks after his big press conference and subsequent mass shooting that showed the Vegas PD's true colors.

Bennett being on another team in 2018 was a foregone conclusion.

News this week of one of the greatest defensive back of all time also being shopped around by the Seahawks has many ready to call the Seahawks defensive era over.

It is likely Richard Sherman has played his last game as a Seahawk.

But again, let's be honest. Not many come back from the type of injury he sustained and perform at the same level.

Not that Sherman has played his best football lately.

Despite those leaving, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are not in the current rumor grinder.

Our defense really performed exceptionally well for a team that lost so many starters last year. Yes, they were human and teams scored points, but we were still in every game we lost despite lackluster offensive performances.

The Seahawks will be just fine.


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