seattle seahawks image

Along with the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks will be changing the look of their uniforms for the 2012 season according to the NFL. The Seahawks have only changed logos and unforms once appreciably since 1976. With uniform provider changing from Reebok to Nike next season, what can we expect? image

The Original 1976 Look



This was the original Seahawks helmet and logo from 1977. Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw called it “that bird hat”. image

A Slight Change In The 80's



Only a slight change in the 80's, going to a blue face mask. image

The Current Look



With the move to what is now Centurylink field in 2002, the Seahawks went to a “tougher, angrier” hawk on their helmets, and a complete uniform overhaul. image

What's In The Future?



Nike has leaked their “Pro Combat” prototype uniform, but nobody really knows what the new look will be. Danny O'Neill of the Seattle Times writes: “A little birdie gave out a few hints the helmets will be darker, and there will be some feather trim. The helmets are not expected to go back to being silver. But as President Peter McLoughlin indicated, it's not going to be a massive overhaul.” Feathers? I hope they don't look like those awful University of Oregon uniforms with the duck feathers on the shoulders!