Bad Wolves first announced that Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz was their new vocalist last June. They've since released an album called Dear Monsters, and last night (March 1), they played their first concert with him on vocals, which you can see footage of below.

The show was the kickoff for Papa Roach's Kill the Noise tour, which in addition to Bad Wolves, features support from Hollywood Undead. It took place at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif., and also served as Bad Wolves' first performance since February of 2020.

According to, they played an 8-song set, half of which were from Dear Monsters, and the other half from the Tommy Vext era of the band. See a fan-filmed video of the band performing their notable cover of The Cranberries' "Zombie" below.

Vext and Bad Wolves parted ways in early 2021, and a few months later, the vocalist sued Better Noise Music head Allen Kovac for allegedly plotting a conspiracy to oust him from the band.

"Tommy quit Bad Wolves in January 2021 after being abusive to his band members, and he has since waged an all-out assault against the band and its members on social media," Kovac said of the matter. "Behind the scenes, he and his team of lawyers have been trying to extort the band and the record company for a big payout."

A few weeks prior to the release of Dear Monsters, D.L. told Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez that he hoped the band's fans would be open-minded toward his new role in the band.

"There's gonna be fans that really enjoy the former singer's stuff a lot more, there may be some people that really enjoy me more and then there's gonna be the people that just fall in between, just walk that tight-rope," he explained. "I think as a band, all we can hope is that the Bad Wolves fans — past, present and future — can just be open-minded to my addition... We've definitely stayed true to the spirit of the band and their sound. We hope that people can learn to be fans of the band and not just the frontman."

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